How Long Does It Take to Move Roots with Braces on

i am getting ready to have upper and lower jaw surgery and it has been postponed due to the #11 and #12 teeth are too close so the roots need to be moved, how long does it take for the roots to move with braces on??

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You need to be patient

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It sounds like the jaw surgery you are having may involve a bone cut between #11 and #12.  This is quite common.  It is critical that these roots be far enough apart that the surgeon can safely make a cut without nicking these roots.  Often times we will over tip them before and then make them normal after the surgery.

Tipping tooth roots is one of the hardest movements we have to do...especially compared to tipping the crowns.  Think of it this way....think of a friend standing beside you and you lean against them with your shoulder.  Which moves the furthest and fastest - the head or feet?  Of course their top half moves first because the feet have resistance from being planted on the ground and the top half is where the force is being applied.

So your orthodontist has to use tricks to make the roots move instead of the crowns.  And you have to allow time for the bone to resorb on one side of the tooth and form on the other side.  Depending on how much tip is needed you need to be realistic that it will be at least three months, possibly more.  An x-ray can confirm that the desired movement happened, but give a few months before doing it. 

And good luck with your surgery.  It is very rewarding and most patients are very glad they did it...after getting through the healing phase.

Dr. Depew

Atlanta Orthodontist

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