How long would this mole on my nose take to heal? (photo)

The mole is slightly raised and a little smaller than a pencil eraser. When I was a child the dermatologist didn't want to remove it because it might cause a deep scar. I'm in my twenties I'd like look into this again. Could I get your opinion on how it would scar and if there would be a very deep crater? Would the crater always be there, or how many months or years would it take for the crater to close. Could I put makeup on to cover it? Should I see a cosmetic surgeon? Thank you for your help!

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Mole Removal on Nose

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The mole would need to be removed by shave removal to ensure that you did not have a scar.  However, since this mole is dark, it is probable that the pigment would grow back up to the surface once the mole is removed.  If you choose to to see a plastic surgeon, they may do an excision with stitches which may leave you with a permanent scar.  

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