Very Long Midface. What Are My Options?

Please answer my question. I am a 20 years old female and i have a very long midface (long distance from the top of the eyes to the bottom of the lips) . is there any surgery to shorten this area ?

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Injectable fillers, fat injections, cheek lifting or cheek implants are probably your answer!

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Dear Friend:


While it is difficult to completely answer this question without viewing your face, I can offer some ways to treat to similar conditions that I have encountered in practice.  Basically, there is no good way to "shorten" the face.  But our perception of differing areas or structures of the face rely on harmony with their surrounding counterparts.  Sometimes a "long" face isn't really a long face as it is an issue with narrowing of the cheek bones or temples.  Treatments can include injectable fillers, fat injections, cheek lifts and even cheek implants.  Widening the midface can give a more symmetric look to your head as a whole!


Hope this helps!


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