How Long Does a Lifestyle Lift Last? 5-10 Yrs or 3-5 Yrs or Less?

How Long Does a Lifestyle Lift Last? 5-10 Yrs or 3-5 Yrs or Less?

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Logevity of lifestyle lift

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Facelifts last variable times...Sometimes only months not years..There will of course be inittial changes right after the surgery, how long these will last on a face that is continuing to age is variable person to person.Ive had facelifts I have done still visible changes 10 years later then again I have seen some a year later showing signs of recurrence.I change my techniques over the year to take advantage of what I've done that has preserved my result. 

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You start aging immediately after your facelift.

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All facelifts have limited results with time.  You will continue to age.  Various parts of any facelift, including Lifestyle Lifts, will have different longevity.  For example, facial liposuction is permanent, unless you gain a large amount of weight.  Repair and lift of various facial tissues could last several years before they return to a preoperative position.  Skin repositioning and removal may last months or years depending on the nature of multiple variables including, but not limited to your genetics of aging, weight stability, smoking history, skin care history, sunblock usage, etc.  The Lifestyle Lift has been designed to provide smaller gauge facelifting options for people who would not otherwise be able to afford the full facelifts that can cost over 5 figures.  As such you should have realistic expectations.  Speak with a qualified specialist in Plastic Surgery who has a fellowship in facial surgery to get the best set of options for your concern.

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