How Long Does Lifestyle Lift Last?

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How long does it last

There are many facelift techniques which incorporate better internal tightening. Read the reviews and judge for yourself. A lift without internal tightening in my opinion wont last  very long after your check clears the bank. See my results you cant get that with the abbreviated  operation

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How Long Does Lifestyle Lift Last?

It depends if your are a good candidate for a very minor facelift. Some lasts a few months while others last a few years. Very patient selection dependent. Be careful. 

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Lifestyle mini and abreviated quick recovery facelifts

I would recommend that you stay far away from any type of lift that offers you good results without recovery.  These lifts either completely ignore or inappropriately address the deep structural layer of the face called the SMAS.  A good facelift that delivers significant, natural appearing and lasting effects must appropriately manipulate the SMAS in some way.  A sound facelift leaves no tension on the skin and any abreviated lift relies on skin tension.  this is one of the reasons for bad scarring, unnatural windswept appearance and recurrence seen.  Find a true plastic and reconstructive surgeon experienced in SMAS facelifting and that you feel comfortable with.  Do not focus on a named procedure but rather your trust and communication with a good plastic and reconstructive surgeon!  In reality most patients feel a lot better in a few days after a true SMAS facelift  and can be socially presentable with makeup in 7-14 days.


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