How Long Do You Have to Leave on Your Dressing After Surgery?

I had surgery on Tuesday, I am male & had liposuction on both my breasts, I don't go back to see my Dr until next Wednesday, should I wait until then for them to take of the dressing? I have also been told that the dressing they used was not waterproof. I would like to take of my compression vest to have a look but am too worried I wont be able to zip it back up? Just very uncomfortable and its early days any suggestions to help with the discomfort would be great, thanks.

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You can remove them now

At three days post surgery the wounds will have healed enough to be water tight, assuming they were closed properly.  My policy is to remove the garment and dressings 24 hours after surgery and shower, then replace the garment.  You would be fine doing this after 3 days but you might want to check with your surgeon just to be sure. 

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