How Long Does Lap Band Surgery Take?

How long is the lap band surgery?

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How long is the Lap Band procedure

The lap band surgery can be completed in 30-45 minutes.  It is typically performed in an outpatient surgery center and you are send home the same day to recover. I hope that answers your question. 

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How long does it take to do Lap-Band surgery?

The average time for the Lap-Band surgery is about 30 minutes when you have it performed by an experienced surgeon.  We also perform the single incision, virtually scarless Lap-Band procedure in about 25 - 30 minutes as well.

Shawn Garber, MD, FACS, FASMBS
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Lap band surgery duration

It is important to remember that each individual patient is different than the other one. The most important point to remember is the patient's safety. A prolong surgery can increase risk of complications such as problems with anesthesia or blood cloth formation. A lap band surgery would take about 45 min to an hour. However if the patient has a very high BMI, such as 45 or higher, then it may take longer to perform. It also has to do with the experience of surgical technicians and other staff in the operating room.

Monali Misra, MD, FACS
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How long does lap band surgery take?

The operative time for a lap band is dependent of many factors with the anatomy or body habitus of the patient being an important one. If a hiatal hernia needs to be repaired at the same time then this should be considered as additional time. Usually the surgery takes 30 to 45 minutes but it can go longer depending on the technique of the surgeon and anatomic issues.

Ricardo M. Bonnor, MD, FACS
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Length of time to place a LapBand

The amount of time to place a lap band varies by surgeon and technique. It can be as quick as 20 minutes or last as long as two hours. It also depends on whether the patient has had previous surgery or a hiatal hernia that the surgeon needs to repair at the time of surgery. The average length of time for a lap band is approximately 45 minutes from start to finish.

David Buchin, MD
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How Long is the Lap-Band Procedure?

The Lap-Band procedure is minimally invasive and performed laparoscopically avoiding the need for large incisions. It can usually be performed on an outpatient basis that takes about 45 - 60 minutes to complete. By avoiding large incisions,  most patients are able to recover quickly with minimal pain and discomfort. Patients normally leave the clinic or hospital about two hours after their surgery.

Christopher S. Cobourn, MD
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Varies depending on patient and previous surgery

In the FDA trial for low BMI patients we had one patient where the surgery was complete in 11 minutes, skin to skin - but we have also had patients take a couple of hours. The average is typically less than 30 minutes. The key is not how long the surgery takes- but that it is done carefully. Surgery is not about speed, surgery is about making movement efficient. 

Terry Simpson, MD, FACS
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