Would a Vagina Rejuvenation help my loose outer lips as well as by loose labia , make me tighter ? Pricing range please? (photo)

After my third child my lower lady parts apear to be " looser " to me in appearance. The outside lips seem loose and very wide as well as my labia. It dosent look normal to me lol My husband says it feels normal but i honestly don't feel the same. I also would like to know any doctors near me that could help with financing or if anyone knows if there are places outside the country that do the same procedure with good results but wont cost me an arm and leg!

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Vaginal Rejuvenation vs. Labiaplasty

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Candidates of #VaginalRejuvenation or #Vaginoplasty surgery are women who desire a more youthful appearance and function of the vulva and vaginal area. For some women, the effects of childbirth, aging, trauma, and/or genetics, causes their vaginal tissue and muscles to become stretched, which results in loss of strength and tone in the vaginal area. This may result in decreased intimacy and sexual satisfaction. In some cases, the laxity of tissues can be visible.
The lining of the vagina can be reduced, removing excess and redundant mucosa decreasing the diameter of the canal. Additionally, the muscle ring, pubococcygeus, at the entrance or introitus can be tightened.These procedures along with exercises such as Kegles can help keep the muscle tone in this area. Aesthetic Vaginoplasty, in many cases, can increase friction during intercourse, giving women more control of vaginal muscles, increasing sexual satisfaction, while also creating a more attractive and appealing appearance to the vaginal area.

A #candidate for a #Labiaplasty procedure is one concerned about the appearance of her labia or experiences pain and discomfort from large, long or uneven labia; usually of the inner lips or labia minora.
#Non-surgical treatments with #Thermiva radiofrequency can reduce the labia for some patients. However, surgery is the most common treatment. It can usually corrected your concern in less than one hour with the use of a local anaesthetic. Often, many women feel more comfortable and relaxed with a quick twilight or general anaesthetic. Each procedure is customized to the physical findings as well as the desired goals of the patient. There is no one right solution for all patients, but there is a solution for every woman. The outcome of a Labiaplasty is a more youthful appearance, ability to wear all types of clothing without discomfort and/or embarrassment.

The best procedure approach will be discussed in greater detail during your one-on-one consultation.
Costs for #CosmeticLabiaplasty and #CosmeticFemaleSugery
will depend on the following:
-The specific surgery that is requested
-The type of anesthesia
-The experience of the surgery
-The geographical location of the surgery
Estimated fees may also be found here on Real Self, and the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery website.

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Vaginoplasty will tighten the labia majora slightly as side effect of a well done repair

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A triangle of tissue is removed from perineum in the process of performing either a vaginoplasty or a perineoplasty. When properly done, it brings together the muscles which run under the labia majora (the bulbocavernosus muscles). This tightens the overlying skin slightly in a fashion similar to a deep plane facelift. The skin can be tightened further by various means including fat injections and nonsurgical skin treatments.


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You are probably an appropriate candidate for labiaplasty - a surgical procedure to restore the look and tightness of the vaginal area. Many women who have had children find this procedure to be exactly what they are looking for, as it can recreate the appearance of their labia prior to have children. I recommend you consult with a board certified plastic surgeon who has lots of experience in performing labiaplasty to learn more about how this procedure can benefit you. Best of luck!

Jimmy S. Firouz, MD, FACS
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Non Surgical Vaginal Rejuvenation for the Labia and Tightening of the Inner Vaginal Canal

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Great question! I would recommend ThermiVa which starts at
$3500 for a package of 3 treatments 30 days a part to ensure maximum
results. There are several financials options for you to choose from, Care Credit & Alpheon are two to name a few.  ThermiVa uses RF (radio frequency) to warm the tissue to
stimulate the collagen of the vaginal walls, increasing the blood flow and
vaginal moisture. It can also be used externally to assist in the labia
retracting giving it a more youthful look. There is no downtime with the
ThermiVa treatments allowing you to return to all your normal daily activities
including sexual intercourse. ThermiVa addresses vaginal
dryness, vaginal laxity & vaginal tightness. However, ThermiVa is also
known for increased orgasms as
well as the time it takes to reach an orgasm. With ThermiVa I have seen
immediate visual results of the inner and outer vagina after the first
treatment. The patients have called me the very next day excited about their
sexual encounter while others mentioned noticing no leakage. I would recommend
you consulting with your treating physician to learn more. You can
visit the ThermiVa website to locate a treating physician in your
area. I hope this helps. Good luck with your decision!

Camille Cash, MD
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Vaginal rejuvenation

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From your photos you appear to be an excellent candidate for Labiaplasty (shaping and tightening the labia minora) with ThermiVA to the external labia - a temperature controlled radio frequency device that builds collagen and causes tissue tightening.  I specialize in vaginal cosmetic surgery.  The combination of these procedures would really create a beautiful result for you.

Dr. Cat Begovic

Would a Vagina Rejuvenation help my loose outer lips as well as by loose labia , make me tighter ? Pricing range please

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Thank you for asking and showing the pictures.
Your question has 2 medical component and one financial.

In General with each pregnancy and giving birth a woman body in general and vagina specifically will go under tremendous changes.

In vaginal and external genitalia the changes are as follow:

1: your vagina has expended like a balloon ( due to the  beautiful head of your precious children) but has not gone to its original size meanwhile the sensation has decrease too. the answer for this part is to get treated with fractionated laser such as Femilift or Monalisa touch plus PRP ( Platelet Rich Plasma). I would not suggest Radio frequency for inside of vagina as it dose not go as deep as laser.

2: External Genitalia also get enlarged and then get deflated and then wrinkeld, this can be treated with fillers or PRP or get treated with Radio frequency like Thermiva 

3: price for Femilift is going to be around $ 3000 -$ 3500 for 3 session, PRP should be around $ 1000 - $1200
External Radio frequency should run around $ 1500 for 3 session.

Good luck and Best of health

Vaginal Rejuvenation

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Hi :  You may consider new Thermiva nonsurgical feminine rejuvenation to firm and tighten vagina and labia. 

Vaginal rejuvenation and labiaplasty combo.

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Labiaplasty and Vaginal Rejuvenation are two totally different procedures done for completely different reasons on different pieces of anatomy.  Labiaplasty reduces the size of and/or tucks the inner and/or outer lips respectively. Vaginal Rejuvenation (a.k.a. vaginoplasty) is performed to reconstruct (more or less tighten) the vaginal vault most commonly following natural vaginal birth.
Surgical prices vary by region, surgeon reputation, and surgical experience. I currently charge $8500 for vaginal rejuvenation and $4500 for labiaplasty of the minora and additional fees for labia majora and/or if a clitoral hoodectomy is also required. Although I have kept these prices stable for several years, they are more likely to go up not down with time. I have been performing this procedure for 14 years in Beverly Hills, CA as one of my specialties. I also authored a book on it a couple of years ago.
Because the surgery appears simple at first glance, there are many novice surgeons nowadays offering up their services for labiaplasty. Keep in mind however that the first time around has the absolute best chance for success and that revisions are very difficult. 

Nonetheless, your story and concerns are in good company with almost ever other patient that undergoes labiaplasty and/or clitoral hood reduction (aka hoodectomy). Based upon your photos, your anatomy is very typical of someone who seriously considers having these procedures and experiences a major boost in (sexual) self-confidence thereafter.
Labiaplasty, which most commonly involves surgical reduction of the labia minora (inner/thinner lips), has become a relatively common procedure over the last ten and even more so last five years. Most commonly it is done under light sedation (aka twighlight sleep) with local anesthesia, in which case the patient should feel no pain during the operation. Whether the surgery is done using a laser, scalpel, or scissors does not really matter but what does matter is "symmetry". Symmetry is the most important aspect to the final aesthetic result. Most women, just like yourself, prefer to have as much of the darker pigmented edges removed as possible. Also, it's not how much tissue is removed but how much is left remaining because a certain amount is necessary to maintain proper form and function - typically ~10 mm or so of the dry part of the labia. To achieve these three most important elements, I have found that the "Trim Method" satisfies best. It is extremely important to consult with a board certified plastic surgeon that specializes in this operation (does at least 1 - 2 per week). It may cost you a bit more but it is this type of result you will want to live with for the rest of your life. Typical (all inclusive) fee at my office/surgery center is $4500.

Although there is no guarantee, women frequently do seek clitoral hood reduction (Hoodectomy) to improve exposure of the clitoris and hence better stimulation during sexual activity. By removing some of the excess &/or redundant skin concealing the clitoris, it becomes more readily exposed to sexual stimulation and hence a heightened sexual experience/orgasm is possible. Sometimes I recommend adding hoodectomy to labiaplasty to better harmonize the aesthetic outcome. Again, the key is seek consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon or gynecologist who performs this procedure regularly (>2-3 x/month) so that just the right amount of tissue is removed and just the right amount remains such that the clitoris is not constantly exposed and rubbing on clothing, etc... Typical fee for a hoodectomy is ~$3000 but reduced to about half that price if done along with a labiaplasty.

Now for recovery, because the labia tissue is so robust with blood supply it has an amazing ability to heal relatively quickly. Most patients are sore for 4-5 days before things start to get a lot better from there. Some patients can resume work before this time depending upon their occupation. No exercise for two weeks, no baths/jacuzzi or swimming for 3 weeks, and no sexual activity for typically 4 weeks. My patients are given an oral pain medication such as Vicodin or Percocet but icing the area for the first 48 hours and applying some custom made take-home topical local anesthetic cream seems to work the best. Glad to help.

Ryan A. Stanton, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Vaginal rejuvenation

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Hello. Thank you for your question and photo submission. Vaginal rejuvenation is a term used to encompass a variety of  procedures. From your description of symptoms and your photos it seems you would benefit from labia minora plasty (Labiaplasty of the inner lips) and either labia majora plasty (Labiaplasty of the outter lips) or ThermiVa of the outter lips. The first two are surgical and the last is non surgical. The price for Labiaplasty can vary but average is around $4500 for just the inner or outter. ThermiVa (non surgical) runs around $3000 for the outter lips and includes 3 monthly treatments but has no down time. I hope this is helpful. Best wishes
~Dr. Poucher 

Would a "Vaginal Rejuvenation" help me? How much the cost??

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The term "...Vaginal Rejuvenation" is a strange term--who knows what it means! As used by experienced cosmetic Gynecologists, it encompasses a "Vaginoplasty" (tightening the vaginal barrel and re-approximating & strengthening the pelvic floor muscles), and a "Perineoplasty" (building up and strengthening the tissue and muscles of the vaginal opening, along with effecting a "pretty," cosmetic appearance of the opening.)

This may or may not be coupled with a labiaplasty, mininizing labial size, if this also is an issue.

Costs vary. Here in Davis, Northern California, we charge $7250 (less $400 RealSelf discount, and a discount for cash/check payment) **This is an "out the door" fee, and includes the facility fee, anesthesia, supplies, and pelvic floor exerciser equipment.

Please click below, and feel free to navigate our educational website!

Very best,

Michael P Goodman MD
Davis, CA

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