Would it be possible to restore my nose back to it's pre-jaw surgery look? (photos)

I just want to first say I am so happy with my double jaw surgery results. I posted my review here on realself and it has changed my life and I can't thank my surgeons enough! I know when surgery is performed on the upper jaw the nose can become more bulbous looking or wider so I was wondering if I could restore mine to it's original look? I don't want to go through another long recovery process. Thank you for any reccomandations!

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Rhinoplasty candidate for bulbous tip reduction and narrowing a wide nose

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 The rhinoplasty procedure can narrow the wide nose with a variety of techniques. The procedure can be performed with all incisions placed inside the nose, also known as a closed rhinoplasty.  To narrow a  wide  bridge line, osteotomies of the nasal bones are required. To narrow a wide and bulbous tip, suture techniques are applied to the lower lateral cartilages, and sometimes a conservative cartilage removal is also performed simultaneously. Rhinoplasty is performed as an outpatient procedure under brief general anesthetic. For many examples of narrowing a wide nose with rhinoplasty, please see the  link below

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Would not recommend surgery for your nose.

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You appear to have received an excellent result from the maxillofacial surgery. The nose looks fine to me. If you want changes consider video imaging.

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