Do I need to stop my prescription topicals prior to an isolaz treatment?

I've been on Tazorac .05 cream and Aczone 5 gel which helps a lot but my skin is still oily I have a lot of blackheads and 1 to 3 pimples at any time I feel like stopping them would impact my skin negatively I've been on the topicals for awhile and do like them so can I use them with my isolaz treatments

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Isolaz and Topicals

Please inform your practioner that you are on these topical medications so they can make an informed decision on the safety of your Isolaz treatments. Aczone is fine to use while getting treated with Isolaz. Typically, Tazorac .05 cream would also be acceptable to use during the course of your treatments, however depending on your skintype and sensitivity your doctor may determine it is best for you to stop or adjust the use of that medication. 

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