Are there safe, non-invasive procedures to reduce calf muscle size? What are they and what are the potential risks? (photos)

I am a 21 year old with tremendously large, bulky, painful calves. I am a very active individual who likes to run, play sports, hike etc. My right calf is approximately 15.5 cm and the left is a little less than 16.5 cm (I wear a size 6 jean and 5'4)! Oh yes, not to mention how disproportionate they are. I have lived a life so self conscious of my legs (no dresses, no shorts, abstaining from certain exercises due to pain) and I have had enough! Please help!

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Are there safe, non-invasive procedures to reduce calf muscle size?

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It is very difficult to reduce calf muscle size as the muscles are very important in walking running etc.

One can reduce the profile of the thickness of the lower leg / calf with liposuction but you need to find a surgeon comfortable and experienced in undertaking this. The reason is that one has to walk on one's legs and surgery in the lower leg has a longer recovery period with prolonged swelling until the final result is achieved. The patient often has to wear compressive stockings for much longer than with other liposuction procedures but with expertise and patience an excellent result can be achieved.

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