Considering a revision Abdominoplasty, for muscle repair (not done at initial surgery). Also Lipo of midsection/flanks. (photos)

Around 1.5 years ago today, I (23M) underwent a Abdominoplasty following a 126lbs weight loss. I continued to lose weight after surgery and noticed that despite being 173lbs at 6'4 which is low in itself, I still have a less defined, unsightly appearance. I was told by 2 local surgeons that the problem was diastasis recti, which could of been corrected by plicating the muscle walls. My question for you, Dr.'s would I benefit from muscle repair/lipo or can this be fixed with more diet and exercise?

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Diastasis Recti

You rectus muscle separation is what is causing this and the solution is repair of the rectus separation.    This is a fairly straightforward procedure and should go well.  My Best,  Dr Commons

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Diastasis recti

Thnaks for the question and the photos.

I would say that a physical exam would ber necessary to answer your questions correctly.  It does appear that you may benfit from muscle tightening during an abdominoplasty procedure.  Youa re very thin for your height.  I hope you are stable with your weight and no longer losing.

Dr. T

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