Pelvic congestion/veins on uterus was considering vaginal rejuvenation to fix my painful sexual intercourse.

.My obgyn referred me to see a specialist that handles cases like these. Will I have to have my uterus removed....the thought of that is very in my mid 30s with 2 children... but do not like the idea in my head of being "sterile". Are there any alternatives ..such as being able to get rid of these veins only...and will sex ever feel good again without any pain ? : / ty

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Hi Dear,

Thanks for your question. we must re-evaluate your case and be more explicit. because if only vaginal and vulvar the varicose veins can be corrected without the need for hysterectomy. I would like to have more information as an ultrasound, photos, to re-evaluate the case and evaluate you better.

Dominican Republic OB-GYN

Pelvic Varicosities and Vaginal Rejuvenation for Painful Sex?

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Hello Janet852,

 Thank you for your question. The etiology of pelvic pain (chronic) and painful intercourse (dyspareunia) can come from many sources and unfortunately these can be elusive in many circumstances despite an extensive evaluation. It appears you currently have limited information and thus to jump from a finding (pelvic varicosities) to hysterectomy is probably way too early. It is good you are obtaining an additional opinion regarding your circumstance. Dr. Pelosi explained very nicely a few of the reasons for your symptoms based on your current findings as well as potential remedies. Having said that vaginal rejuvenation has no role at this time and very unlikely to render any relief for you. We encourage you to move forward with this second opinion. Be well.

Paul Pietro, MD
Greenville Physician

Pelvic Congestion Syndrome

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It is hard for me to give you a diagnosis of pelvic congestion syndrome as you only describe pain with intercourse.  PCS usually is initiated after childbirth but the patient usually complains of pain with prolonged standing.   You are correct that these are veins which are varicosed and they usually manifest as a dull aching pain with standing.  The intensity of the pain can increase under various circumstances, including:  Standing for long periods,  before the onset of menstruation, at the end of the day, pain during and after intercourse.

You must also take note that pain is not the only symptom that may be present in PCS. It is also possible to encounter other symptoms but these vary between individuals. These symptoms often interfere with the sexual relationship of affected women. Among the common complaints of women with PCS include:  Backache, Painful periods, painful intercourse, vaginal discharge, varicose veins around the buttocks, legs and vulva

If your pain is only associated with intercourse you may indeed have "collision dyspareunia"  and as Dr Pelosi suggested you may benefit not from uterine removal but instead uterine suspension (sacrocolpohysteropexy aka hysteropexy).  Vaginal rejuvenation will not fix your problem so do not get someone to tighten your vagina!!!!!!

I hope this helps.  Good luck.

John R Miklos MD

Atlanta ~ Beverly Hills ~ Dubai

Pelvic congestion/veins on uterus was considering vaginal rejuvenation to fix my painful sexual intercourse

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Pelvic congestion syndrme, or seeing increase varicosity in pelvic around your uterus, usually causes having pelvic pressure specially before period and during period. you might have some pelvic pain too. some people also have pain with intercourse, but is comes after intercourse, which is  related to  increase blood flow into uterine blood vessel .

one of my first patient whom I did FemiLift for lose pelvic muscles also was suffering from the pelvic congestion before and during her period,  one week after treatment, her comment was she was not feeling the pelvic pressure anymore.

before getting the hysterectomy you need to ask your doctor why he/ she thinks hysterectomy is the answer is the uterus is tilted posteriorly, or suspecting endometriosis, or having fibroids which are located in wrong place for you.

Good luck and best of health

Vaginal rejuvenation is not a treatment for painful sex

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Hold your horses. You need a full evaluation for painful sex before you blame it on pelvic congestion. Pelvic congestion is extremely common in women who have had children. It's basically varicose veins in the broad ligaments that run alongside the uterus. Pelvic congestion alone does not cause painful sex and if that's all you've got, it may not be the source of the pain. More details are required. Pelvic congestion alone is not the same thing as pelvic congestion syndrome. The syndrome is a specific pattern of pain along with the varicosed veins. Some women with the syndrome also have loosened uterine attachments that cause the uterus to flop backwards (uterine retroversion) and these are the only women who have painful sex due to kinking of the veins. Bottom line: get a second opinion from a more experienced gynecologist. Also, first line therapy for the syndrome is non-surgical embolization of the veins. Symptomatic uterine retroversion, if present, requires a surgical repositioning of the uterus (uterine suspension), but not hysterectomy if embolization fails or is not desired.

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