Painful to touch on side of breast after mastectomy. What am I feeling? Should I be worried? Feels very hard

Hi. I am 4 weeks post op of a prophylactic bilateral mastectomy with direct to implant over the muscle. I am feeling something on the side of my right breast closest to the middle of my chest. It is very painful to touch and it is very hard. 

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Pain after Mastectomy

Thanks for your inquiry.At this point in your postoperative healing, it is normal to have different feelings and sensations in your breast especially if you have had an implant placed.It could be an expansion pain, but you still need to follow up with your surgeon to make sure there is no hematoma (bleeding), fluid collection, or something abnormal.He/She will be able to tell you whether this is a perfectly normal response or something that needs to be investigated further.I hope this is helpful.Best of luck!

Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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Breast recon issue

I think that you need to be seen in person to be properly evaluated. I could be the implant, and ADM or something else. Best of luck.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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