One month post op breast reduction, it seems my incisions are splitting and I cannot tell if they're infected. (photos)

My left breast which had more reduced than my right seems to be healing slower and with issues. My incisions seem to be splitting and I cannot tell if it's infected. I had my steri strips replaced weekly and finally removed last week. My doc said to just keep cleaning the area but I'm worried it's infected, despite bacitracin. I did not have any drains and I am leaking a small amount of fluid from underneath my breast. I can feel a hole as if I popped a stitch. And it's burning

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One month post op breast reduction, it seems my incisions are splitting and I cannot tell if they're infected.

Incision separation after a breast reduction or mastopexy is somewhat common due to several factors including the tension that is left on the skin after the procedure and its subsequent swelling.  Some people react to various suture materials as well.  Appropriate dressings recommended by your surgeon may be necessary for several weeks but in the end it will heal.  I think that you should be seen at least once or twice weekly by your doctor to monitor healing and progress. Best wishes.

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Incision issue

If you are having incision issues like spitting sutures, etc.. you should be seen by your surgeon. Good luck.

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Splitting Incisions

Thank you for your question - Openings along the breast reduction incisions are not uncommon. Follow-up with your plastic surgeon is indicated to evaluate the cause of the opening.  A treatment plan can then be determined. Best of luck!

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Spitting Sutures after Breast Reduction

Dear Jojo611,

Thank you for your pictures.  Unfortunately, suture extrusion/spitting does occur. The best treatment is frequent monitoring by your plastic surgeon.  He or she will decide the best treatment course. 

Good Luck!

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