3 weeks post op for Breast Reduction with free nipple graft. Does this graft look normal? (photos)

The graft looks very red as well as the incisions under the breast. I still have swelling and tenderness, but no fever. does this look infected or normal

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3 weeks post op for Breast Reduction with free nipple graft. Does this graft look normal?

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Actually, it does look like the graft is "taking."  That's one of the major concerns after a breast reduction with nipple grafting - that the grafts won't "take" or adhere safely.  But it looks like they are at this point, so congratulations on that.

I hope that this helps and good luck,

Dr. Alan Engler
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There is nothing Obviously wrong three weeks after breast reduction with nipple graft.

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The inflammation in the photograph is completely consistent with healing at three weeks. I don't see anything in the photographs it is alarming.

Nipple Grafting

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Your nipple looks to be fine and seems to be healing.  I think it takes about 3-6 weeks for healing to be complete.  Looks good to me.  Congrats.

Does my nipple graft look normal? [PHOTO]

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Thank you very much for your enquiry and your photographs. If you are three weeks as you say following surgery I think you are doing very well and the nipple graft looks to be in very good condition and healing well.

It is normal to have some redness around the scar and in my practice we would recommend silicone gel such as Kelicote to massage into the area. This will help the area settle and fade with time.

I wish you the best of luck and hope the area continues to heal well.

Best wishes.

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