Fat grafting after mastectomy with reconstructive surgery.

Hi! I had a double mastectomy with reconstructive surgery about 6 months ago. My right breast needs some fat grafting and my doctor told me he will take from possibly my flank area to apply to my breast. I am torn on what to do and the pain and recovery time I will experience. He said necrosis under the breast can happen after that also. Any information would be very helpful. Thank you! Also, how much after fat transfer will survive? Will their be a big difference from before?

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Fat grafting

In general fat grafting is quit safe. You doctor probably meant that some fat necrosis is possible over time. It typically does not result in problems other than volume loss. The donor site for fat grafting is like any other liposuction area. It may be sore, but should not slow you down too much and you should be able to go back to work soon after the procedure. 

Fat grafting

Usually fat grafting is not too painful and most patients can go back to light duty within a few days of the procedure. Best of luck.

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Fat graft and breast reconstruction

Fat grafting is commonly used to help smooth contours and improve symmetry after breast reconstruction .  I use 3D imaging on every patient to have a goal of how much I am using and which areas I want to treat.  Approximately 50 to 63% of fat graft transferred will survive.  The down time is usually a few days.  The complications like infection and bleeding rarely occur. 

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