Under eye filler after tummy tuck / lipo?

Okay so this is an interesting question after getting my tummy tuck / liposuction would it be possible for the surgeon to transfer some of that fat that they removed from the liposuction and transfer a little over to my under eye trough area?....or would I need to use a different kind of under eye filler like bolotero or Restylane? Thanks : )

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Fat transfer to tear troughs

Yes!  It is possible to have fat harvested from your abdomen prepared for injection in the tear troughs under the eyes and other places on the face.  The fat will be harvested before beginning the actual tummy tuck or lipo, as it has to be treated gently to survive when transplanted.  Be sure your provider is experienced with the technique of fat transfer to the face - it can be technically demanding, but if done well provides beautiful results.

Williamsport Thoracic Surgeon

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