Why drastic price difference in Dermapen in Medispa vs. Dermatologist office?

I went to dermatologist recently to control some acne and inquired about a Dermapen treatment. I had also inquired such at a high end reputable Medispa. The Cost of Dermapen in the Dermatologist office was $1000 for full face vs. $350 in the Medispa. Does anyone know or understand why the drastic price difference? Is it a different device being used etc. Both Dermatologist and Esthetician informed me of the week long downtime/swelling etc.

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Cost of micro-needling and down time

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The cost for full face micro-needling is usually about $350. The price should not be very different in a doctor's office vs a medispa, but prices are typically whatever the market will bear. Either way, it is an aesthetician who commonly performs the procedure in either location, so the results depend on the skill of the person administering the treatment, not the cost.

Also, studies are showing that micro-needling with smaller needles is as good or better than treatment with longer needles without the week-long down time that you have mentioned. Combining micro-needling with application of human growth hormone will further aid in improvement of acne as well as acne scarring. Shorter needles create effective channels in the skin which enhance penetration of topically applied products. The trauma created by longer needles interferes with effective penetration of serums. Our office uses the ProCell Therapies system which combines motorized micro-needling with concentrated human growth factor serums made from human stem cells. These growth factors are very anti-inflammatory which helps to dramatically improve acne.

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