Can a crooked nose be fixed without surgery? Is this normal? (Photo)

I had rhinoplasty when i was 14 to reduce the size of my large nose. After the surgery, I noticed that my nose was crooked. I had the surgeon "correct" it with another surgery only to make it worse. My nostrils are now different & my deviated septum is so bad, that I can barely breathe. The surgeon told us that my nose was naturally crooked & it couldn't be fixed. 10 Years later & I'm still so selfconcious of my face. I went through so much with the surgeries that I have avoided it all together.

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Crooked nose

You can correct mild asymmetry with nonsurgical methods. However, in your case this is not possible.  You would require a revision rhinoplasty.  Correction is possible and the nasal airway can be improved with surgery.  You should ensure that your rhinoplasty surgeon is an expert at treating both the nasal function concerns and the cosmetic concerns. Be certain that you use a board certified  Facial Plastic surgeon or plastic surgeon who is also a board certified otolaryngologist with extensive knowledge of nasal physiology and facial aesthetics. 

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