When I smile the muscle pulls it so hard. I really want to get surgery to fix this? (Photos)

I have hated my chin for years. When I smile the muscle pulls it so hard. It is also very pointy. I really want to get surgery to fix this. Any help would be appreciated on the surgery itself. My mouth is also crooked now from Botox 6 months ago that I would like to fix that I never had till now. At the same time I also had fillers in my lips. I know the Botox should be gone but I am not sure what to do about the crooked smile, I can't live like this anymore. Thank you

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The pointy chin can be reduced through an intraoral approach though bone reduction techniques. Your crooked smile shows a palsy of the marginal mandibular facial nerve on your left side which is why the lower lip pulls upward. The depressor muscle is not working on that side. Why that is there is unclear but if caused by Botox it should have worn off by now.

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