Gaps on my upper teeth and black triangles on my bottom teeth. (photos)

It is very upsetting to hear that doctors will leave gaps in someone's teeth , especially if I never had any in my life . I refuse to bond my teeth .the doctor will talk about my bottom teeth, but not acknowledge the big gaps on top . I am not happy with refinements, I will develop buck teeth and gap remains. Is it possible to switch doctors during refinement period I already paid in full and my teeth look so bad. I will not go through treatment if my teeth will look like my clincheck.

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Gaps after Invisalign

From your photos, it looks like you had a narrow upper arch and your teeth were moved outward to expand your arch and put your teeth in ideal positions.  At this point, since you do not want bonding, the only way to eliminate the space between your upper teeth would be to constrict your arch, or move teeth inwards(reverse what was originally done).  To move the upper teeth inward would also require simultaneously moving lower teeth inward.  If this is what you want, then a new prescription for refinement should be submitted to Invisalign  to accomplish this, and to see if it could be done with a refinement(maximum 10 aligners).
Sometimes, people's teeth are not large enough for their arch and there will be spaces.  Many times, simple bonding can be done to enlarge your teeth and close these spaces.  It can be done without any filing down of your natural tooth, and only requires one short visit. If you cannot get your spaces closed with refinement, you may want to reconsider bonding.  It can be long lasting if done by an experienced cosmetic dentist.

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