Gaps I never had for final set and part of the clincheck. I'm so angry

Final set of invisilign, clincheck was given to me upon my request three months after treatment . If I knew the orthodontist was going to mold my teeth to reflect gaps in my side teeth that I never had I would of never had done this . Now at my last set I'm told that the side gaps were part of the plan and asked if I need refinements . left with side gaps upper teeth ,black triangles on lower. I'm afraid to get my refinements in this office . Does anyone have any advice, Ido not want bonding .

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Gaps After Invisalign

Hi there,

I'm so sorry you are not happy with the final results your Invisalign provider gave you. Let's first deal with the black triangles. Those triangles will many times resolve on their own. It depends on how far the contact point is between your teeth and the bone on those teeth. Over a period of 6-8 months, the gum will usually grow up to close the black triangles. You do have to be very good about keeping those areas clean, floss, and massage the areas. It will improve.

Now, as for the gaps, those will not close unless refinements are done. When you do clincheck, as a provider you have an option of leaving gaps behind the laterals, the canines, or no gaps at all. It becomes a judgement call on the doctor's part. Leaving no gaps means possibly having to do more IPR (shaving) of the lower teeth, and it will increase treatment time. Sometimes doctors chose to not do IPR (their, or patient's choice), or want the case finished faster, and therefore leave the gaps behind those teeth (regarded as acceptable to many). Many times the clincheck default is also to leave gaps there, and it is up to the doctor to change that. 

All things being equal, I would explain your concern to your doctor, and give them the chance to do the refinements. If you do not want to do refinements (more time and IPR), then your only choices will be bonding or veneers. 

Best of luck with your treatment. 

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