How long an invisalign can take to close my 2 front gap teeth? (photo)

Here are some pictures of my gap teeth, i know that my gap is not that big but i wanna get rid of it and I don't want porcelain veneers or bonding. So how approximately will it take. And I would like to know also what can I do for my gummy smile for my backwards teeth does invisalign work as well ? ( sorry for my english i m afro-french living in New york :))

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Invisalign to Close Gap in Front Teeth

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It won't take long at all to close your minor gap, probably 10 weeks or less. As far as the "gummy" look on your back teeth, Invisalign will NOT help that, but a visit to a Periodontist (gum specialist) can give you some options.

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Based on your photos, I would expect Invisalign to close your gap within 12 weeks, but not help your "gummy" smile.  I would recommend that you see a cosmetic dentist that is skilled in gum lifts or a periodontist.  Before choosing a dentist, make sure you choose one that has excellence before and after photos, so that you will know that they really know what they are doing.  

If you would like to avoid Invisalign, I'de like to tell you that you are an excellent veneer case.  You could fix your teeth in 1-2 appointments instead of 2-3 months.  The cost would likely be about the same or less to get two veneers.  Good luck with everything and follow me if you have any more questions of me.

Sarah Thompson, DMD
O'Fallon, Il and St. Louis, MO

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