Too Long of an Incision for a Breast Lift?

Ok, so I just got a breast lift, I am 5 days post-op. Full anchor lift and the PS told me he would make the anchor as small as possible, now that my bandages are off, I have an incision that goes from almost my armpit to just about the center of my chest! The incisions of each breast almost meet in the middle of my chest! I need to know if these incisions are normal for a breast lift, I am beyond worried, at this point I can't imagine wearing a swimming suit or even a low cut shirt! :'(

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Too Long of an Incision for a Breast Lift?

Breast lifts are tailored to meet the individual needs and desires of each patient. Some patients may only require a scar that goes around the nipple. Some patients require a scar that goes around the nipple and vertically down the lower pole of the breast. For very large breast, an anchor type incision which you describe may be necessary.

To eliminate redundant skin (i.e. standing cutaneous deformity) the incisions may need to be extended toward the armpit and the middle of your chest as you describe. These scars take an entire year to evolve and progress through their lifecycle. Talk with your plastic surgeon regarding the various scar therapies that are available.

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Too Long of an Incision for a Breast Lift?

         Residual skin laxity after a breast lift is not what you want, and a longer scar may be necessary in some breasts.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Expectations in breast lift surgery

There are many types of breast lifts or mastopexy procedures.  Most patients will require either a vertical or lollipop type breast lift or an anchor type breast lift.  If the distance from the sternal notch to the nipple is less than 26 cm then usually a vertical breast lift can be performed.  If the distance is greater than this distance then an anchor type is required.  If you breasts were very ptotic and there was a good deal of breast tissue below the crease then the anchor type lift was appropriate.  I would hope that your plastic surgeon reviewed your options because it seems that you were not expecting the IMF incision.  

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Incisions because of excess skin

hi, incisions are planned  based on the grade of ptosis .   sometimes to aboyd  dog ears incisions have to be extended.  with out pictures thats all i can express.   

Translation provided by doctor:

hola, las incisiones se planeAn basadas en el grado de ptosis mamaria. algunas veces para prevenir orejas de perro las incisiones se extienden. sin fotos es todo lo que puedo opinar.  

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The Vertical Breast Lift and the Anchor Breast Lift

In 2013 the vertical breast lift of Lejour and Hall-Findley is the procedure of choice for most breast lifts.  For very profound ptosis  (droop)   this type of lift may not be the best.  So it depends on what you looked like prior to surgery.  I agree with the other doctor answering this question.  When appropriate the vertical breast lift has the enormous benefit of just having a scar around the areola and a single vertical scar to the infra-mammary line.  There is no horizontal scar in the vertical lift of Hall-Findley and this is what makes it so appealing.  These horizontal scars do heal with time and become less noticeable so this is a positive.  My Best,  Dr C

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Too Long of an Incision for a Breast Lift?

Your description is of a full anchor pattern lift, which is sometimes needed to deal with the amount of skin excess. Without photos it is not possible to comment further. 

All the best. 

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The length of incisions required for proper breast lift is proportional to the amount of skin to be removed

Some breast lifts can be performed with minimal incisions whereas others may require substantial. All this is related to the amount of skin that ultimately needs to be removed.

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