How Long in Inches Are Incisions from a Mini-Browlift? And How Many Incisions Are Made?

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Brow lift incisions


  The number of incision, their length and the method of suspending the brow are entirely surgeon dependent.  I typically use two incisions placed in the temporal hairline measuring 3-4 centimeters and two very small incisions in the central scalp measuring 3-4 millimeters.  The incisions tend not to cause discomfort and heal very well.  If a patient is dissatisfied about any part of the browlift, incisional scars are rarely the cause.


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Mini brow lift incisions

As other have hinted, the term 'mini-brow lift' is not commonly used.  The most common minimally invasive brow lift is the endoscopic brow lift where the incisions typically add up to about 2 inches.

Sam Naficy, MD, FACS
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Number and length of incisions for mini browlift

There are 3 to 4 incisions for an endoscopic forehead lift or 1 longer incision for a coronal lift.  A mini temporal brow lift usually involves 2 incisions approximately 3 inches in length over the temporal area in the hairline.

William Portuese, MD
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How Many and How Long are Incisions for Mini-Browlift?

For am modified or mini-browlift I make two incisions, each  one inch in length. The incisions are made at the hairline so normal hair distribution and position are maintained.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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There are usually 3 incisions after a mini-browlift, but can vary from 2 to 5.  The incisions are in the hairline and are 1-1.5 inches.  This does not include the upper eyelid incision.  Often, an upper eyelid incision is still needed after a browlift to remove remaining excess eyelid skin.  We have trademarked the Invisiline procedure wherein the excess skin and the browlift are done through the upper eyelid incision.  This avoids all brow and forehead incisions.

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Mini Brow Lift Incisions

Hi there-

You will find some variability among surgeons, and this will also depend on the technique used... 

Generally speaking you should expect scars about 1-2 inches in length.

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How Long in Inches Are Incisions from a Mini-Browlift? And How Many Incisions Are Made?

To answer such a "generalized question" I will use a range. Inches of each incision less than one. The number of incisions from 2 to 5 . 

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As the other s question what is a mini browlift, is it a lift that is less than that which is needed. A lateral brow lift has two incisions at the hair line , each about an inch long and in the lateral part of the forehead hairline. A direct brow lift would be at the brow and about as long as the brow.

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Incisions for a mini brow lift.

I make 2 incisions at the hairline so as not to raise the hairline.  Each us 1 inch long and your fair grows thru the hairline not behind it. We pioneered this technique more than 30 years ago.

Toby Mayer, MD
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Short incisions in Endoscopic Browlift

There is not a generally accepted brow lift recognized as a "Mini-browlift."

If you are referring to an endoscopic brow lift  (also frequently called a "small-incision browlift" or an "endobrow,") then it is easy to answer.  Typically, 4 or 5  incisions are made in the hair-bearing scalp in an endobrow lift.   The central incisions are less than an inch.  The incisions over the temple are usually about an inch to an inch and a half long.  These incisions in the scalp usually heal very well without any appreciable hair loss.

Mark J. Lucarelli, MD FACS

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Mark J. Lucarelli, MD
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