How Long Does It Take to Get Impressions Made for Invisalign Braces?

It is uncomfortable to get impressions make for invisalign versus regular braces? What are some of the ways that orthodontists made the impression making process more comfortable for patients?

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Impressions take about 3 minutes

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The gooey material to take impressions takes about 3 minutes to set.  Every office is different, but our technique is "gagger friendly" as it does not run as much as other methods.

How long do impressions take for Invisalign?

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Good news for people who don't lke impressions! Our office lke many other advanced Invisalign providers has now acquired a digital light scanner that eliminates the need for impressions.  In 20 or so minutes the assistant can take a full scan of the teeth and send it immediately off to the company, saving a week or more in the time it takes to get your first aligners!


Robert Waxler, DMD, MS
Saint Louis Orthodontist

Invisalign Impressions are comfortable

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Invisalign impressions are made with a rubber type  material in a tray.  They are not uncomfortable to take but can be a challenge if someone gags easily.  We use salt on the tongue, numbing spray and some distraction techniques to help with gagging.  A full set of X-rays and photos of the teeth are also taken.

Braces require the same type of impression.

How long for invisalign?

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The initial work-up and impressions appointment takes about an hour and a half.  We then send the records to invisalign for processing and case design.  Usually it takes a few weeks before the trays come back and you cna begin your active treatment.  Your doctor has to OK the treatment plan that is set up and simulated in #D on the computer.  You can ask your doctor if you can see this part which is called the "clincheck".


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