How Long Does It Take for Implants to "Settle" into the Correct Position?

I had silicone, under the muscle breast implants (325cc) and lift 9 weeks ago. The implant on the right has settled down and that side looks great and very natural. The left implant is still very high making my chest look very abnormal and asymmetrical. I cannot wear a bathing suit because the asymmetry is so obvious. I am aggressively massaging the implant down but it just pops right up. Is it likely that I will need a revision? How long should I wait before having this fixed?

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Breast Implants Settling?

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Thank you for the question and picture.

Yes,  I have seen implants “drop” for up to 12 months (or more)  after breast augmentation surgery.  I asked my patients to “pull up on the skin and push down on the implant”  on the side that is slower to settle.  Although it is controversial I think that implant massage and displacement exercises are helpful in keeping the  breasts soft in general.

Continue to follow up your plastic surgeon and make sure you  are not experiencing encapsulation which may result in firmness of the breast  and/or implant malposition.

I hope this helps.

PHOTO: How Long Does It Take for Implants to "Settle" into the Correct Position

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I usually wait 9 months before recommending a revision but it appears that your muscle will need to be completely released according to your desciption.

Implant position

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Nine weeks post-operative from a breast augmentation is not enough time to allow for the implant to settle.  GIve it some more time.

Implants "settle"

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It can take several months before your breasts settling completely. Also, your breast can heal at different rates so while you are satisfied with the one, the other should catch up providing there are no other issues such as capsular contracture. Gravity always wins. The other factor to consider is the degree of asymmetry before the augmentation. This could affect your results as well.

Gently massaging your breast may help. Sometimes strapping the breasts down helps them settle as well. I would have another discussion with your plastic surgeon. It is still too soon to get worried. If the look of your breasts isn't satisfying in about 6 months, you can consider a revision.

Sam Speron, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

Post-Augmentation Implant Too High

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Your photos clearly show a left implant that is too high causing significant asymmetry.  So the question is "Why is that implant too high?"  If a capsule has formed, then you should wait 9 months for a revision.  If its simply a placement issue, then a revision can be performed sooner. In this case, I like to wait for the inflammation around the incision to subside.

Asymmetry with breast augmentation

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Hi   It seems that you have either a capsule formation shifting the implant on your left upward.  If this was in the same position originally and has not developed over time, then it may be that there is a muscle release on your right that may not match your left.  If so, then the muscle will need to be released more on the left.  One way of telling if this is so is to put your hands on your hips and push in...thereby shifting the implants.  If the right side implant shifts laterally and up, then this is the usual case with a submuscular implant placement.  On the left, does the implant go UP toward the clavicle?  If so, then the remaining fibers of the muscle are holding the implant up and they will need to be released.  Having said all of this, it is very important for you to discuss these issues with your surgeon so you can get a plan if the left side does not drop (and I do not think it will).  It never hurts to wait but if there is an obvious release that can be done to allow for more symmetry and settle this, then I do not see a reason to wait.  If there are changes still taking place, then waiting is certainly in order.  If you were my patient, we would settle this soon and get our relationship back on track.  Good luck.

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