Long Healing and Redness After Micropeel and Profractional?

Hello, I had a micropeel (50microns) + Profractional (450 microns) 6 weeks ago. I had a profractional before at 400 microns and had healed fast (1 week). However this time I turned out very red. After 4 weeks my dermatologist prescribed me topicort for the redness and finacea to prevent hyperpigmentation and said that I am taking longer to heal. Can this be true? just taking longer to heal? Thanks

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Can healing time be different following the same procedure?

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The answer is yes.  Following the first laser procedure, your skin was not as sensitive.  Collagen is stimulated following the first procedure but the skin may be a bit more sensitive.  Also, hormone fluctuations and nutrition may be factors in delayed healing.  It is not unusual for healing to be different following the second laser procedure. 

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