How Long Do U Have to Wait Before You Get Surgery for an Open Bite?

I had went to an orthodontist and he told me i had a 5mm open bite and he recommended surgery but first I had to get four teeth pulled now I will be seeing an oral surgeon for consultation and i was just wondering how long would it be before i would have surgery on my open bite?

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Surgery and open bite

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There are many ways to close open bites but certain types do require jaw surgery.  Normally, if teeth are extracted, you want to have the spaces closed and the teeth aligned before surgery is done and this can take 12-18 months.

Ever case is different....

Saint Louis Orthodontist

Open Bite

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There are several ways to correct the open bite.... with and without tooth removal.

Consider choosing a treatment based on facial esthetics.... 

Mark Kurchak, DDS
Switzerland Orthodontist

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