How long does Fraxel Laser Restore bronzing and redness last?

I got my first fraxel restore treatment done just over a week ago. My skin has peeled and is smooth again, but a very deep brownish/red color. How long will this last? I should mention I have very fair skin and think I was over treated as I blistered in one spot which has a little bit of raw skin now. I might just be inpatient but the dark skin is very obvious on my light complexion. Thanks.

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Fraxel Laser and redness

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Fraxel Laser is a fabulous laser for rejuvenating the skin.  It takes approximately one week for the bronzing to completely go away.  If you have any concerns please return to your treating physician for evaluation.  Most of the patients that I treat tell me that all of the bronzed peeling resolves in five days.  

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