How Long Does It Take for Your Beasts to Feel Natural. I Had my Op on 9th November 2011.

ts to Feel Natural.  I Had my Op on 9th November 2011.

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Breast Implants feel more natural about 3 months after Breast Augemnentation

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Generally it takes about 3 months for Breast Implants to soften and fall into a more natural position after Breast Augmentation. Good results tend to continue and to improve for another year.

In some lucky patients who have a lot of their own Breast Tissue overlying the Implant it can become difficult to tell that an Implant is present especially when the Implant has been placed in the Submuscular Location.

In my opinion Breast Implant Displacement Exercises can speed and aid the process of softening and repositioning the Implant. Be sure to discuss this with your Plastic Surgeon.

Healing time for BA

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Usually by 3 months after surgery the breasts feel back to normal. Sometimes there can be some areas of numbness which can take actually up to a year to improve. But the "overall" feel of the breast should be pretty normal after 3 months, and certainly by 6 months, after surgery.

Healing time after breast augmentation

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Healing time is different for each person.  Most swelling will decrease by two to three weeks.  Breasts will get soft around implants by two to three months; however, it will depend on how tight one's muscle and skin were prior to surgery.  

How Long Until Breasts Feel Natural after Augmentation

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Of course how long healing takes varies from patient to patient and there is no one perfect answer to your question. And sometimes you never get a natural feeling. If you had very little tissue covering the implant, they will always feel more like an implant and the more natural tissue you have, the more natural the breasts will ultimately feel. But after 3 months you probably have the feel you are going to keep.

Breast feeling natural after surgery.

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Thank you for your question. Congrats on the surgery. It may take months for the breasts to soften, and they may never soften to the pre-surgical state. In addition, the greater the implant to breast tissue ratio, the more the implant will affect the longterm firmness (or softness) of the breast. I would exercise patience and see how things change with every few weeks and months that pass by.

How long before breast implants feel natural?

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As a general rule I usually tell my patients at my Austin, Texas plastic surgery practice that about 2-3 months is needed for implants to soften and drop into a more natural position.  My patients are typically thrilled at 6 weeks but I know that more improvement is still to come.  Some patients with larger implants in smaller breasts may take a bit longer, but again three months seems about the norm.  Implants will continue to improve after three months in most patients and some minor changes can continue to happen for 6-12 months especially in patients who were very tight to begin with.  As long as your plastic surgeon thinks you are track you should be fine.  I recommend implant massage for at least the first 3-6 months and feel this helps to position the implants sooner and keep the capsule open and soft. 


Dr. Kerr

How Long Does It Take for Your Breasts to Feel Natural.Answr:

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In most cases after Augmentation, they are starting to soften and drop by 4-6 weeks and by 3 months they should be pretty natural. I always get nervous in my patients that are still firm or high at 3 months and would follow my patients along with vigorous massage up to the 6 months mark and then reassess. But in most cases breasts are very natural by 3 months...

Normal Post-op Course...

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Most patients begin to feel the breast soften and feel more "natural" after about 3-4 weeks. However, the breasts continue to slowly improve as the tissues relax and the shape improves. By 6 months the process is pretty well complete.

Healing after breast augmentation

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Healing after breast augmentation takes time.  early swelling decreases in the first two weeks but the biggest changes occur over 4-6 weeks .  The final shape takes at least three months or longer if your skin is very tight or implants very large

Feeling natural after a breast augmentation

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Although most patients feel pretty much back to normal in about 6 weeks, some small areas can remain numb and take a number of months to get to their final result.

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