How Long for Visual Results of BBL? (photo)

I had lipo with fat graft to buttocks and where the liposculpture of my back is exellent there is no visual projection change to my butt. Ive posted before and after pics here and on MMH and keep getting same feedback...what should I be expecting at this point from a professional point of view..Shouldnt there be a difference allready, other pics Ive seen showed a noticeable difference.

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When to see results after a Brazilian butt lift


The Brazilian butt lift is beautiful and effective way to contour your torso, create a flat tummy, a small waist, sculpted back, full hips, and round new bottom. In our practice here in Miami, we inform the patients to expect swelling after the surgery. This swelling may hide the final result that the patient can expect. It seems that you have an improved shape after the liposuction but that the shape or volume of your butt may not be what you expected. There may be many reasons for this. Your best bet is to discuss your concerns with your doctor to determine how much volume was placed, where it was placed, and what may be necessary to obtain the results you are looking for.

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When are Brazilian Butt Lift Results Visible?

It does appear as though you do have a nice result regarding the liposuction.  But I agree, there is little visible change in the actual size of your buttocks.   
Sorry, I haven't seen your prior posts and therefore don't know any details about your surgery.... how long since surgery these photos were taken, or how much fat was injected. ???   In my experience of doing hundreds of Brazilian Butt Lifts, most patients see what they usually think is the most dramatic enhancement of their  butt right after surgery.  Sometimes they are even a little scared about how big their buttocks is initially.  But!  Some of this is swelling and it always shrinks some over the first few weeks, reaching its final size by about 2-3 months.  After 3 months, there is little to no change in the size unless there is a change in your weight.

You did achieve a beautiful shape to your waist and hips even if the fat grafting wasn't what you had hoped for.

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Brazilian Butt Lift

The sculpting of your back and love handles is not complete. You still have a lot of fat in the lower back and love handles.

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Addition Subtraction Buttock Surgery

The good results we often see from buttock augmentation with fat are wholly or in part to the sculpting of the lower back.  Think about it-  for every inch of profile reduction of the lower back it looks as if there has been a an inch of buttock profile augmentation...  One way to really determine whether there is any volume maintenance in the buttock is to quantify it using 3 Dimensional imaging.  A 3D breast imaging device can be used to image the buttocks.  In fact,  if you are doing a large amount of fat grafting to the breasts, buttocks, or both,  I think it is almost mandatory to have 3D imaging to document these volumes.  Otherwise you are looking at photos and this can be frustrating.


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