How Long Does It Take for the Swelling to Reduce After Accu Sculpt Treatment?

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Swelling after Lipo

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Hello and thanks for the question, Junna.  Accu sculpt, which is quite similar to Smart Lipo, should have less swelling than traditional liposuction.  However, the areas liposuctioned, the amount of fat removed, the level of activity, and the amount of laser vs mecanical breakdown of the fat all factor into the amount of time the swelling is seen.  Usually, though, most swelling improves in the first six weeks to two months, and usually by 3-6 months you should see nearly the final result.  I hope this helps and best of luck.


Robert Kratschmer, MD

Swelling after AccuSculpt Treatment

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    What areas were treated and how much was removed?  These are the primary determinants in answering the question.  In general, at 6 weeks, you should notice a marked reduction in swelling, but this process may take several months.

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