How Long Does It Take for the Suture Line in a Tummy Tuck to Heal? (photo)

The bulk of my suture line is healing nicely, but at the point of the most tension, I have a small hole about the size of a pencil eraser. I have also noticed that there is a thin line that has scabbing. I am 1 month post op. How long will it take to close all the way?

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Scar Healing After Tummy Tuck

Your incision will take between 12 to 18 months to fully heal.  Your plastic surgeon should follow you along as you heal to make sure everything is healing as expected.  If the "small hole" does not appear to be healing normally, it could be a deep suture that needs to be removed (easily done in the office), but your surgeon will be the best to make that call.  Best wishes.

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Healing after a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty)

Small openings after a tummy tuck are quite common.  It can take several weeks for the open wound to completely heal and it can take up to 18 months for the scar to mature.  Moisturizers and massage can help; after the oipen wound is closed I generally recommend scar tape.

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Tummy tuck/abdominoplasty scar healing

Your incision will heal over the next few weeks to months. It is important to keep area clean and have regular follow up with your plastic surgeon. He/she will recommend topical treatments. It takes any scar at least a year to mature. You and you surgeon will look at the resulting scar critically at that point to make sure it looks as good as possible. Best of luck.

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Open Tummy Tuck Suture Line Needs Special Care

Thank you for your question and photo. I assume that you are being followed closely by your plastic surgeon who performed your tummy tuck.

These small areas in your tummy tuck suture line are areas of skin necrosis (dead skin) which will have to heal secondarily on their own.

It is crucial that these areas be very clean and free of any dead tissue. It is important for your surgeon to carefully remove any dead tissue and teach you how to do dressing changes which involves packing the depths of the open areas with either moistened gauze or gauze impregnated with antibiotic.

The goal is that these areas will appear clean, with bright red healthy looking tissue that bleeds easily. This is called granulation tissue and must be present for new healthy skin cells to grow over the area and close your wound.

With proper surgical wound care these areas can close in 4-6 weeks. You may end up needing a scar revision but I would wait 6 months after the wounds are closed.

Please follow closely with your plastic surgeon and be as patient as you can. I understand your frustration and fears but in time you should heal well.

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