How Long Does It Take for the Banana Rolls to Disapear After Vaser Lipo?

I did a vaser liposaction on my outer thighs 3 months ago.I didn't remove much fat.I actually dropped a size and now I am size 8.The shape is better. I notice that i have banana rolls .Will the rolls disappear eventually? Can I do something?

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Caution with lipo to "banana rolls" on back of thighs

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The roll that sometimes develops just under the buttocks crease at the upper part of the back of the thighs is often called the "banana roll" and it can be very difficult to treat. The reason is this: think of the fat layer on the back of the thigh as part of a column holding up the buttock. As everything above the column sags it pushes down forming the banana roll. Removing the fat in the banana roll actually removes support and things drop further, creating a new roll. For that reason it is not likely to improve on its own after having lipo regardless of technique (VASER, laser, you name it.) Sometimes (paradoxically) the best treatment is to carefully add fat back in either above or below the roll. It's a very tricky area to do.

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