How Long Does It Take for Swelling After Hyaluronidase Injection to Disappear?

I had under eye filorga filler injections 2 weeks ago and this caused too much swelling which did not disappear after 2 weeks,so I went back to my doctor yesterday who injected hyalorunidase to dissolve excess filler, I have swelling under my eyes due to hyaluronidase, doctor said this will last for 1-2 days max, i'm afraid they won't disappear, how long does it take usually for hyalorunidase swelling to disappear? and does ice help in making the swelling disappear faster?

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Swelling under eyes

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Injecting tear troughs requires an experienced physician and the right product.Was hyaluronic acid injected? If so, then hyaluronidase should help. I find the best product for tear troughs is Redensity 2. Hyaluronidase may needed to be injected a number of times to get the correct look. The swelling may be due to other reasons so this should also be considered.


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