How Long Will It Take for Subglandular Implants to Drop?

I am having 550 cc silicon implants placed over the muscle. How long does it take them to drop and how does that compare to implants placed under the muscle?

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Subglandular Breast Implants Take 3 Months to Drop to Final Position

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Thank you for your question.

Subglandular Breast Implants drop to their final position sooner than do Submuscular Breast Implants in most people.

You will notice significant improvement at 6 weeks but it takes 3 months to reach a final position in most patients with Subglandular Breast Implants. Implants placed under the muscle can take longer.

Three to four months generally

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When implants are first inserted, they sit high up because your tissues are tight and gravity hasn't taken effect. Over time, natural tissue expansion occurs to allow the implants to fall into place. By this time, your breasts will have taken on a more natural contour, where the lower breasts become softer and rounder. Please wait at least four months for this to happen.This process tends to occur sooner in one breast than the other, so don't be alarmed if you find that your left drops before the right or vice versa.

Sub Glandular Breast Implants Dropping?

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Thank you for the question.

Unlike sub muscular  (dual plane) breast implants, sub glandular breast implants tend to take their final position relatively quickly after breast augmentation surgery. It is likely that you will see the implants in their final position within the first 1 to 2 months after surgery.

I hope this helps.

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Time for implants to drop

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As far as I am concerned, implants don't drop.  The space made for them is where they stay.  Previous surgeons (20 or more years ago) used to make mega-pockets, where implants could move around quite a bit.  I don't believe many surgeons do this now.  Sometimes swelling in the upper poles of the breasts makes it appear that the implants are higher.  When this swelling goes down, it appears as if the implants have "dropped'.  They haven't.

Michael Leff, MD (retired)
Bellevue Plastic Surgeon

Subglandular Implants Drop Quickly

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Subglandular implants are held only by skin, so they will drop very quickly compared to submuscular implants.  Swelling will be gone within 10-14 days, and depending upon the skin tightness and the implant size, you can expect the implants to be in a good position within a few weeks or so.  When placed under the muscle, it takes longer for the muscle to stretch and allow the implants to drop.  In the long run, the muscle will help hold the implants and reduce droopiness.

Randy J. Buckspan, MD
Austin Plastic Surgeon
4.6 out of 5 stars 10 reviews

Sub-Glandular implants dropping

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Depending on the size of the impalnts and the tightness of the skin, they usually settle in between six weeks and three months.

Breast shape after subglandular augmentation

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The drop of the implant after augmentation depends on the tightness of the skin envelope and the pressure that the implant can effect on it. Generally the subglandular implant will drop and settle several weeks earlier than a submuscular implant, though after six months the result might be the same either way.

Peter E. Johnson, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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When do Implants drop after augmentation

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Thank you for your question.

Implants always appear high and tight for the first few months.  I tell patients to expect up to 3 months for them to drop regardless of the location.  This is normal and as the skin stretches, the implants settle into the final location which will be lower than how they appear initially.  As the skin stretches, the implants will not only drop, but the breasts will soften and feel less tight. 

good luck

Kunaal Jindal, MD
Toronto Plastic Surgeon

Time frame for subglandular implants to drop?

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Thank you for the question.  Implants typically start to move downward at one month.  It may take 12 months for them finally to get into position.  This seems to be true with either pocket placement. Please let your board certified plastic surgeon know your thoughts. Together, you will make an appropriate plan.  Please follow the recommendations that they might give you.

Jeffrey J. Roth, MD, FACS
Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon
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Prevent descent by using retor-pectoral implants

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550 cc silicone implants weigh over 1 lb and are held up only by the skin envelope when placed subglandular.  Your age and skin tone will determine how long it takes them to drop.  The more concerning factor is that they will continue to drop from gravitational force.  This is why surgeons prefer NOT to use pre-pectoral position.  It is much better to do implants retro-pectoral to prevent descent of the breasts.

Best of Luck,

Gary Horndeski, M.D.


Gary M. Horndeski, MD
Texas Plastic Surgeon
4.6 out of 5 stars 230 reviews

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