How Long Does It Take for Scar Tissue to Form Around Facial Implant

Does scar tissue form around any type of silicone facial implants in a few weeks weather it be cheek, chin, jaw? If it's removed within weeks will it leave any augmentation

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Time for scar tissue to form around facial implant

It takes several weeks for the scar tissue envelop to form around a silastic implant whether it is in the cheek or the chin.  The cheek and chin implants can be removed at any time after the surgery if the patient chooses.  The scar tissue, although present will diminish significantly and the cheek or chin area returns to the normal preoperative state without any augmentation.  

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Scar tissue around facial and chin implants

It is normal to form scar tissue around any implant in the body.  Whether a breast, chin or face implant, the scar tissue starts forming in a matter of days.

Darrick E. Antell, MD
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