How Long Does It Take for Problems After Lipo to Go Away, if Ever?

I had lipo in the area between my breast and armpit when I had a breast reduction. That was 5 months ago and under my right arm it's still partially numb and I can still barely shave or put on deoderant due to it feeling like I am hitting a nerve by touching there. It also travels to my back and there is a lump which my doctor said was scar tissue there. Is this going to go away on it's own??

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Numbness after liposuction is common

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Numb areas of the body after liposuction are very common.  The sensory nerves that supply feeling and sensation to our skin are bruised and swollen from the liposuction, but are not cut or severed.  They will function normally again, but nerves grow and repair themselves very slowly.  It may take 9 months to a year for the feeling to return to normal.  It is helpful to undergo skin treatments such as Endermologie to help reduce the swelling and hasten the recovery after liposuction.

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