How Long Will It Take for Neck Lift Incisions to Feel Less Lumpy?

Does everyone get lumps on a neck lift incision? How common is it?

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Lumpy neck lift incisions

It can take months if not a full year for he incisions to finish healing.  Massage of the scar may helps peed up the process.

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All scars initially feel hard and firm.

All scars initially feel hard and firm even if they are from cosmetic procedures.  Your physician should instruct you on proper scar massage techniques in order to help speed the softening of the scars.  Some lumpiness of the neck skin is also normal and should also respond to appropriate scar massage.

Richard H. Fryer, MD
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Everyone heals at their own unique pace

I always inform patients that it could take several months for all the lumpiness and skin folds to resolve following a neck lift procedure. It is possible that you could have a suture granuloma which is inflammation around a portion of the suture that creates a knot-like lump along the incision. I would check with you surgeon.

Todd C. Miller, MD
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Lumpy after neck lift

  I agree.  It may take 6 months for lumpiness after neck lift or facelift procedure to resolve completely but there should be noticeable improvement sooner.  It is not uncommon.  Hopefully, you were advised that this could occur.

Lawrence Kass, MD
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Six Months to Achieve Improvement in Scars after Neck Lift

It is common to have some minor lumpiness or small folds in the skin at the incisions behind the ear.  This small amount of pleating associated with neck lift should resolve on its own.  The scar should improve significantly over the first six months, and improve modestly over the next six months.  

If you have a large lump you may have a suture granuloma or a hypertrophic scar--your surgeon will be able to treat these issues.  


Jeremiah Redstone, MD
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