How Long Will It Take for my Overbite to Have Braces? (photo)

I have gaps in between my teeth and i know i need braces and I'm just wondering how long it will take. Also do I need them for my underbite too?

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I would recommend that you go get an orthodontic exam by an orthodontic specialist.  From this photo I am not able to tell very much regarding overbite or underbite.  Someone will have to look at how the teeth fit together to give you some better information. 

Phoenix Orthodontist

Make an appointment for an orthodontic exam.

It's too difficult to tell based on your one single photo from the front.  Orthodontic braces could be as little as 16 months up to 30 months or more depending on your specific case.  I would recommend like the other doctor above to get an orthodontic examination to see how long it will take

Robert Passamano, DDS
Irvine Orthodontist

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