How Long Will It Take for my New Crease to Smooth out with the Old? (photo)

I am about a year into my 1st surgery, but had a revision in the middle of January since my right breast was higher/tighter in comparison to my left. My surgeon and I agreed to a revision in which the right crease would be lowered. Currently, I wonder if the crease is two low and will not smooth (maybe bottoming out?). When I go over my right breast with a finger, I can feel a slight dip. Please let me know if this can be fix with time or something non-surgical... or should I expect another revison.

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Breast augmenation and crease

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Sorry but the photos are microscopic. They are really small and hard to view in the post.  Can't say much.

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Crease Issues After Breast Augmentation #breastimplants

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Your photos are very tiny. It looks like the folds are more even but you look like you have more droop to the left breast. I can not tell if the right one looks bigger or not. This is one of those cases where only an in-office exam will yield the best opinion. You possibly may need another revision surgery.

Richard J. Brown, MD
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How Long Will It Take for my New Crease to Smooth out with the Old?

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To me the result is acceptable and any further operative intervention is most likely a error. Best to have realistic expectations. 

Revision surgery to correct uneven inframammary creases

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Your photographs are really small and are not too helpful.    It looks like your inframammary creases were fairly even after the first surgery and now the are uneven.  To correct this asymmetry you will need a revision surgery.

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Crease Issues

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I am terribly sorry to say that it appears like your right implant has gone too far in the other direction.  It now appears to be too low. Unfortunately, it will require another surgery to fix this issue.

You are not the first or only person to have this problem.  Revision surgery is technically more difficult than primary surgery, even if it seems 'minor', and revision surgery has a higher risk than primary surgery for another revision surgery.  

If your doctor is not expert in revision surgery, you may benefit from visiting a few in consultation. Just be sure that he has photos of the same kind of problem you have.

Best of luck, you will eventually get the results that you wanted and deserve!

Gerald Minniti, MD, FACS
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Inframammary crease issues

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It looks in the tiny photos like the creases were pretty level after the revision but that the one side is bottoming out.  If that is the case, no non-surgical solution exists and you will need another revision.

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Unfortunately, the photos are too small to be helpful in looking at the problem.  As far as I can see the folds looked pretty even after the first surgery, and now look rather uneven. If I am correct, it looks like you may need another revision. Please consider reposting with larger images. 

Best wishes. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

The infra mammary fold will not migrate after breast augmentation revision.

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If the infra mammary crease is not symmetrical with the opposite side is unlikely that anything short of a revision will be necessary to correct the problem.

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