How Long Does It Take for my Breasts to Drop? I'm 9days Post-op and They're Still Very High (Collarbone)? (photo)

I'm 21yrs old, 9days post-op. I was a small B pre-op, received 500ccs of cohesive silicone gel, under the muscle, through the nipple... Have been instructed to start massaging 2days ago and wear the elastic strap day & night. How long will it take for my breasts to drop? Is this normal progress? (see photo)

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Implants do settle

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and from your photo, you should wear your strap 24/7 and even consider downwards massage (in addition to everything else you have been shown by your surgeon) to help accelerate the process.  My emphasis to my patients is to focus on having the upper poles level as the upper poles are what show when wearing tube tops.  Keep that strap on and it will come down.

Swelling after surgery

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Since you are only 9 days out from your surgery, having swelling - which shows up as fullness in the upper part of your breast - is very typical.  Don't panic - this will go down, but it may take 3 weeks for the swelling to settle, and then about 3 months for the tissues to relax.

Right now, it's too early to tell anything definitive about the implant position.  It sounds like you are doing all the correct things.  Hang in there!

It may take a couple of months for proper volume distribution after breast augmentation.

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Artificial support of the volume of the implant is a byproduct of swelling. It may take several weeks for this to subside.

Implants settling?

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Implants are often elevated in the pocket during the initial post-op period often due to spasm. It can take several months for them to settle into the pocket.

How Long Does It Take for Breast Implants to Drop?

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Breast implants under the muscle may take 2-3 months to fully "drop" and find the proper position. A breast band may help.

Breasts to Drop? I'm 9days Post-op and They're Still Very High

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Thanks for your questions! You should ask your surgeon for more advise so your implants can go down because massages will help but as implants are under the muscle you will need more help to put them into the right position, it is still early to tell that this will be the final results, Best Wishes!!

How Long Does It Take for my Breasts to Drop? I'm 9days Post-op and They're Still Very High (Collarbone)?

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Posted photo at poor angle so I do not see the high riding effect. But in general the implants need 6 weeks to drop at a minimum. 

How Long Does It Take for my Breasts to Drop? I'm 9days Post-op and They're Still Very High (Collarbone)?

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Dear Kelsey,

Thank you for your post.  The amount of drop of the implants will depend on a couple things:

  1. The type of implant used, i.e. a smooth implant will drop farther than a textured.
  2. How your tissue was dissected.
  3. The flexibility of your tissue.

You are still very early and smooth implants tend to 'ride up' early as nothing is really holding them in place, whereas textured implants tend to stay where they are put. 

Best wishes,

Pablo Prichard, MD

How Long Does It Take for my Breasts to Drop after Breast Augmentation?

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Congratulations on having undergone the breast augmentation procedure. Depending on many factors such as breast implant size and size/location of pocket dissected, it may take several months for the breast implants to fully “settle”. Therefore, I would not be necessarily alarmed about where your implants currently “sit”.

 However, I would suggest that you continue to follow up with your plastic surgeon on a regular basis; he/she will be in the best position to advise you.

 Best wishes.

Proper massage is necessary

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Your surgeon made a pocket for your implants. The pocket he made was lined by raw tissue. This pocket will become covered with a smooth tough tissue called a capsule. Once the capsule is formed, it will be extremely difficult to lower the implants with massage or an elastic strap. Your implants are very high, and I doubt that there will be much lowering of your implants with massage and the strap after 4 weeks or so. The best way to lower the implants is with proper massage. Proper massage, in my expereince, consists of pushing the breast implant downward and medially hundreds and hundreds of time a day. I instruct my patients to hold the pressure on the implant for 30 seconds. I insruct them to wear the strap only at night and to leave it off during the day so as to not interefere with the downward pressure. The pressure should be on the implant and not just on the skin. When properly applied, you should feel and see the bottom of the implant pushing  the skin out on the lower part of your breast. Avoid excessive pressure as it can cause the skin to open up.

John J. Bandeian, MD
Bristol Plastic Surgeon

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