How Long Will It Take for a Major Overbite to Be Fixed with Braces?

My teeth are pretty straight I just have a major overbite. How long do you think it would take to fix that with clear braces if i do my procedures on a regular basis and keep up with the treatment?

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Length of overbite correction depends on many factors

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There are numerous causes of an overbite, along with different degrees of severity.  For example, it can be from signicant spacing of your upper teeth,  crowding of your bottom front teeth, or from a small lower jaw.  A complete evaluation by an orthodontist after a careful evaluation of your mouth and diagnostic records (x-rays, photos, tooth models) is really the only way to make an accurate estimate of how long it will take to correct your particular situation.  Other factors that will affect this are:

  • your age (it's often easier to treat on a growing adolescent)
  • your goals
  • limitations in your situation

Since you said it was a major overbite, I would anticpate at least 18 months, but it could easiliy be longer than that.  Please visit a qualified doctor who can help you answer this question.

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