How Long Does It Take for a Loose Crown to Recover After Cosmetic Dentistry?

I had cosmetic dentistry in which I put in 20 crowns. I have had to have multiple adjustments and am frustrated. My bottom 4 front teeth continue to have slight movement. I was hitting one of them and my dentist adjusted it. However, I still have the movement. I haven't had loose teeth prior. How long should it take for the loose crown to recover, or "settle in" ?

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Loose crown after cosmetic dentistry

No need to have a long explanation here, if your tooth was not loose prior to cosmetic dentistry then it should not be loose after it has been completed.  It sounds like you have an occlusal issue. 

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Crowns or teeth should not be loose after cosmetic treatment

Putting 20 crowns in for cosmetic reasons (or other reasons) takes time, skill, and attention to detail; plus a very good lab. Not every dentist can do this well.

If your teeth were NOT loose prior to this treatment and now it feels like they are, then there is a serious problem. Permanent damage could be happening if you don't take care of it. Also, a crown should not and will not "settle in". A crown either fits properly or it doesn't. It should feel solid from day one.

You should have this checked immediatly and re-done if needed. If you don't trust the dentist who did it, then get a 2nd opinion.

Good luck

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Loose Crown After Cosmetic Dentistry

Any dentist can do Cosmetic Dentistry. The question is, how much does the dentist know about occlusion (the way the upper and lower teeth meet eachother). Very few dentists study and practice this very important field. If the occlusion is not dealt with properly, the teeth will continue to loosen and eventually have to be extracted. Teeth should NOT be loose after having proper cosmetic dentistry, if they were not loose to begin with.

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