How Long for Juvederm and Belotero to Dissolve Around Mouth?

Hello, I had juvederm and belotero injected around my mouth area (juvederm 3 months ago, belotero 1 1/2 months ago). I hate it all and have been unlucky with hyaluronidase in the past. How long will it realistically take for all this to go away? If I chew gum/massage/get laser treatments will it dissipate faster? Thanks!!

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Unhappy with filler

I strongly suggest you giving Hyaluronidase another shot. You may need more of the product than what was previously injected. Best of luck.

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Juvederm can last up to 9 months in most cases.  What do you mean when you say that you've been unlucky with hyaluronidase? If you don't want the filler anymore, you should consider hyaluronidase.  Theoretically, more movement could cause faster absorption but I don't think it's worth the effort.


Asif Pirani, MD, FRCS(C)
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Hate results! How long for Juvederm and Belotero around the mouth to go away?

If you hate the results I would suggest having the Hyaluronidase! Both fillers can last several months and in some cases Juvederm can be a year or more.  Life is too short to live with results you "hate". The problem may be more with your injectors skills than the product. See someone you can trust with lots of experience with dermal fillers.  It can make all the difference!

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How Long for Filler to Dissolve?

Hi Anika.  The expectation we have for filler duration for Juvederm and Belotero is from 4-9 months.  If injected into the lips or even upper lip, it's a bit shorter duration vs. the nasolabial folds (laugh lines).  We use Hyaluronidase and are located in Orange, CA.  We'd be happy to offer you a free consultation as hyaluronidase should take care of the issue pretty easily.

Harold J. Kaplan, MD
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How long for Juvederm and Belotero to Dissolve Around Mouth

There's a couple of things to comment on here. 1. I'm unsure what you mean by you've been "unlucky" with hyalurondase in the past. When injected properly by trained physicians, yes, it can take a few rounds to get all of the HA filler out, but it is the most immediate and effective way to remove unwanted filler. 2. Since you had filler done, and then more placed again a few months later (this is called stacking the fillers), you've actually made it so that the fillers will have a longer life than if you'd done both at once. When fillers are placed on top of each other, before the other has gone away, adding a second filler allows the first filler to bond to it and last longer. So while most fillers last 6-12 months, adding more filler later, like you did, actually means it could last longer than that. 3. Massaging the filler at this point won't do anything but aggravate the skin. Chewing gum won't help. There are many kinds of lasers and most are shallow so they won't do anything either. 4. Basically, if you don't want hyaluronidase, time is your option. And you're looking at probably 9-15 months for everything to go away.

F. Victor Rueckl, MD
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Are there any bumps or irregularities or are you unhappy with the entire treated area? You can ask an experienced dermatologist to inject very dilute kenelog ( cc) to the irregular deposits of Hyaluronic acid to dissolve it. Juvederm Ulthra and Ulthra plus can last up to a year to dissolve. You can also ask an Aesthetician to try Ultrasound therapy to dissolve it.

A. David Rahimi, MD
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How long for Juvederm and Belotero to dissolve?

In most cases, hyaluronidase works very well to dissolve Juvederm or Belotero.  If you prefer not to have the hyaluronidase, the products will wear off by themselves in several months.  It could take about 6-9 months for them to go away completely.  Chewing gum and massaging will not make them go away faster.  There are many different types of lasers, so it may depend on the type of laser treatments you are getting to determine if that might help.  

Michael I. Echavez, MD
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