How Long Does It Take for Fillers to Be Dissolved?

I had fillers injected into my forehead to cover up scars. Told it was reversible. Didn't like the results. Good job, but bumps. I been feeling very sick since. I don't know if it's from the fillers or not. I went to get it reversed. He told me he could either do it with a small incision and get it out or dissolve it. He said dissolving it is the better way to go because it won't leave you with a scar and incision wont get it all out. So I agreed. How long before it's dissolved?

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Its a someshwat difficult question to answer as there are many different types of fillers. If he told you it was reversible, its likely hyaluronic acid based which is  a common type of temporary filler we use for everything from fine lines to increasing volume. There is a method to disolve this using hyaluronidase, which basically is an enzyme that eats causes the filler to break apart. It can take some time (days-weeks) for it to completely go if that is the case. However, there is some trial and error. You dont want to put too much Hyaluronidase in as it can result in loss of skin thickness and assymetries so often we start by putting a small amount in along the filler. If you need more, more is injected. 

Nevertheless, I would find out what the actual brand name of filler you have, it would be very helpfull. 

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