How Long for Eyebrows to Settle into Place After Brow Bossing? (photo)

I had brow bossing and a brow lift exactly one month ago. My forehead is still healing and a little swollen. I'm pleased with my new look. However, I think that my eyebrows are a little too high. I was told that it can take a few months for your eyebrows to settle into position after brow bossing. Is this true? I've also read from other sources that after four weeks they are pretty much set in place. Can I expect my brows to lower any further in the next few months?

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Brow Position 1 Month after Lift

I agree that your brow position is a little high, but your  surgery was just 1 month ago. Your brows should settle over the next couple months; this will vary depending on the technique which was used during the surgery.

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Healing after brow bossing and lift

I agree that you do look over-lifted but brow bossing can cause significant swelling and this swelling will make the brows look over-lifted.  It could be 4-6 months by the time you are looking at the final result. 

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