How Long Does It Take for Dissolvable Stitches to Dissolve After Bladder Lift/Vaginoplasty Surgery?

It's been 4 weeks.

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Dissolvable stitches for Vaginoplasty

The time need for sutures to be absorbed varies based on the type of suture utilized for the wound closure.  Most sutures dissolve in 3 months but if this is something you are concerned about you could question your surgeon so that they could provide you with a more specific answer based on what is used with their closure.

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Dissolvable stitches for Vaginoplasty

Because there are many different types of "dissolvable" stitches, I would have to know the exact kind to accurately answer your question.  Some stitches dissolve in as little as 5-7 days and others can take over 5-6 weeks to dissolve.  Most commonly the dissolvable stitches used on the outside of the skin dissolve within 2-3 weeks.  Hope this helps...RAS

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Sutures eventually dissolve and fall off.

The majority of pelvic surgeons use dissolvable sutures in the deep and superficial layers of vagina. The typical sutures dissolve in 2 wks but most should be dissolved and fallen out by 6 wks. Good luck.


There is a wide range of dissolveable sutures. They dissolve anywhere between 3 days to 3 months. In vaginal surgery, I typically use vi rye on the inside for vaginal tightening which takes longer to dissolve or fall out. For labiaplasty or surgery on the outside of the vagina, I use plain gut suture which takes 10-14 days to weaken and fall out. 

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How Long Does it Take for Vaginoplasty to Dissolve?

In vaginoplasty, there are several types of sutures used. Every surgeon has a preference. Most sutures used at the level of the skin will dissolve completely in about 6 weeks. Those used in the deeper muscle layers dissolve completely in about 6 months. Some surgeons use permanent sutures to hold the edges of the bladder lift beneath the pubic bone. Ask your surgeon.

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Dissolvable Sutures?

Thank you for the question.

You will need to check with your surgeon to see what type of sutures were used;  each type has a different absorption profile.

Best wishes.

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How Long Does It Take for Dissolvable Stitches to Dissolve After Bladder Lift/Vaginoplasty Surgery?

Thank you for your question.  It really depends on why type of dissolvable stitches they used.  The ones used on the skin usually dissolve in 2 -3 weeks.  If it's in the vagina, we usually use stitches that take a little longer to dissolve.  You should ask your doctors office since they know what stitches they used.

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Dissolvable Stitches: A Timeline

The specific answer to this question can only be provided by your surgeon because different suture materials will dissolve at different rates. In my practice I tell patients to expect to see pieces of stitches on the toilet paper or in their under ware about 7-10 days after surgery as the stitches start to dissolve. By 6 weeks after surgery the stitches should all be completely gone. Cheers!

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